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The Mission of CFBI

Christians For Biblical Israel

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                                    Mission Statement                                        CFBI’s mission is to bring glory to our Father which is in heaven by working to point Israel to her Deliverer and by caring for the poor and the needy.   (Matthew 5:16, Romans 11:26)

Follow our link buttons to learn more about our ministry, our charity, and the ministries we support.  It is our prayer to be a blessing to many people.   We can reach more people who are in great need with your prayers and support.  We do need each other!


You may send a contribution for Christians For Biblical Israel to serve on your behalf.  Your donation is tax deductible.

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                                                           Christians For Biblical Israel                                                                                          1305 Lisa St., P.O. Box 155118                                                                        Bellmead, TX 76705


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    Jerusalem from above

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